Some 400 rural tourism establishments were open in August. | Jaume Morey

In August, occupancy of tourist apartments in the Balearics increased from 28% in July to 34.9%. The total number of overnight stays was down 72% compared with August 2019.

The National Statistics Institute has released its latest figures for so-called "extra-hotel accommodation" Tourist apartments are defined in this way. These are not holiday rentals but the hotel-style apartments.

There were 531,620 tourist apartment overnight stays in the Balearics in August. These were up 45% compared with July. The number of guests - 96,040 - was 43.8% higher than in July but 70.1% down on last year. Unlike July, there were more national than foreign tourists - 57,236 versus 38,804.

The average stay was 5.54 days, fractionally higher than in July when it was 5.47 but lower than the 5.96 days in August 2019. The institute reports that a total of 15,524 apartments were available. These were 2,632 more than in July.

While campsites are not a factor in Majorca, they are in Ibiza and Minorca, and these had 8,690 tourists in August; 6,688 were national tourists. There were 48,855 overnight stays, with an average stay of 5.62 days. Seven camping establishments with a total of 2,797 places were open. Occupancy was 39.5%, which rose slightly at weekends.

In rural tourism accommodation there were 101,332 overnight stays, with an average stay of 3.86 days. The 26,265 guests were more or less evenly split between national and foreign tourists - 12,987 and 13,278 respectively. The prices for this type of accommodation were down 7.9%, which was more than anywhere else in the country.

Some 400 rural tourism accommodation establishments were open in August, offering 8,251 places. The occupancy rate was 39.38%, which rose to 46.7% at weekends.