Torrent de Pareis, Escorca. | @ManelViver

Spectacular video of waves battering the mouth of Torrent de Pareis in Escorca has been shared on social media networks.

The footage by @ManelViver shows the strength, beauty and danger of nature as the water bursts through the space between the rocks.

The video was taken on the weekend of Sunday, September 27, when heavy rains saturated the Island and the video has gone viral with comments added by many users.

The strong winds and high waves may be stunning but they can also be very dangerous and people are advised not to go to Torrent de Pareis on days when there’s heavy rain and strong winds.

This weekend there will be a noticeable drop in temperatures in Majorca as storm Alex arrives, bringing strong wind and torrential rain to most of the island.

Pep Vives tweets: "Never lose your balance no matter how strong the wind of pride.."

...When the sea breaks your patterns!