Stolen safe recovered from seabed. | GEAS

A safe that was stolen from a house in Felanitx has been recovered from the bottom of the sea in front of the cliffs of Punta des Jonc near Cala Marçal by the Guardia Civil’s Special Group of Underwater Activities or GEAS.

A couple who were snorkelling in the area on September 21 spotted the box and notified the authorities.

The next day a group of Guard Civil divers went to the area to do an underwater reconnaissance and when they located the box 15 metres below the surface they brought it ashore and discovered that the lock had not been forced.

The Manacor Guardia Civil believed the safe may be connected to a theft in Cala Marçal on September 18 so they contacted the complainant.

When the box was opened they found 1,000 euros, documentation and other effects belonging to the complainant.