Seniors, Inca. | Laura Becerra

Two out every 10 residents who contract Covid-19 at Retirement homes in the Balearic Islands have died according to the Ministry of Health.

811 residents have tested positive for coronavirus at homes for the elderly since the beginning of the pandemic and 155 of them have passed away which means more than half of all the 307 coronavirus fatalities in the Balearic Islands were Nursing Home residents.

Excluding Nursing Homes, 13,480 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the Balearic Islands and 152 patients have died. The mortality rate is currently 1.1% which is 18.8 percentage points less than in Nursing Homes.

Experts say the elderly and patients with previous pathologies are affected more by coronavirus and that Nursing Homes have been badly hit during the second wave of the pandemic.

40% of all patients admitted to hospitals in the Islands are Nursing Home residents.

According to the Ministry of Health, 260 coronavirus patients are hospitalised and 47 of them are in the ICU. 104 of those patients are from homes for the elderly.

The Government says everything possible has been done to prevent the virus from spreading in Nursing Homes but infections continue to grow.

The Ministry of Health has intervened at four Nursing Homes since the beginning of the pandemic: Oasis in Can Pastilla, and Domus Vi in Palma during the first wave and Bell Entorn in Sóller and Sèniors in Inca during the second wave.