At Son Espases emergencies. | Miquel À. Cañellas

The Tuesday report from the health ministry states 92 new positive cases of coronavirus and five fatalities, increasing the total to 316. Three deaths of residents of care homes have also been reported, and these - as always - are subject to a validation process by the epidemiological service before notification is given to the national Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies.

The 92 cases were the result of 2,265 tests, meaning that the positive test rate is 4.06% and is again below the WHO five per cent target.

A total of 221 more people have recovered, seventeen of whom were in hospital. On hospital wards in the Balearics, there are nine more patients than on Monday - a total of 219 - while the number of patients in intensive care has come down by seven to 41.

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At municipal level, there has been a notable decrease in the number of active cases in Palma, where the figure on September 27 was 1,395 and is now 1,111. Inca is the municipality with the second highest number of cases, 111, having been 46 ten days ago. Outbreaks at care homes for the elderly and the disabled in Inca provide the explanation for this increase.