Plaza Gomila, Palma. | Teresa Ayuga

An ambitious construction project is underway in Plaza Gomila which includes apartments, shops and a car park.

The Majorcan Real Estate developer, Doakid SLU which includes the Camper group amongst its investors, is behind the project which is designed by the Dutch architectural company, MRDV in collaboration with Grupo Reynés Arquitecture Studio, or GRAS.

MRDV has designed stores and hotels for the Camper Group all over the world and has earned a global reputation for quality urban design.

Palma City Council supports the project which is linked to the urban philosophy of the Plan Litoral de Ponent and will have access to European funds.

"It is a mature tourist area in which urban actions must be focused from a social perspective," said Sandra Solduga, from the Town Planning Department.

Plaza Gomila

The aim of the project is to convert Plaza Gomila with sustainable criteria.

“This is an extensive project which includes the construction of around 29 houses, commercial premises and leisure venues and the remodelling of the parking lot; it’s a business commitment that will benefit the area and the urban environment of Palma,” said José Zarraluqui, Doakid SLU Administrator.

It will take 2-3 years to complete, the homes will be medium-sized and the project is focused on residential and commercial use, not tourism.


Between the late 1950’s and the early 1990’s, Plaza Gomila was at the heart of Palma’s nightlife scene with trendy restaurants and bars that were popular with locals and tourists.