Joan Barceló & daughter Paula. | R.D.

When Paula Barceló moved from Majorca to Madrid to study Medicine she was really busy with her classes, but she started to feel homesick for the stunning beaches on the Island.

"We accompanied Paula on the move and stayed with her at the residence. The following days, as is often the case with adolescents, the conversations were shorter and Paula had started her classes so there was less time to talk,” says her father Joan Barceló. “Last Saturday she told me that she missed the sea a lot and asked if I would send her some photos."

Joan Barceló, who lives in Can Pastilla, is Director of Technology for W2M, Iberostar's travel company and has been a Project and Technology Management Professor at the UIB for ten years.

"When I saw that my daughter was so sad I sent her a photo that I had on my mobile phone and because I wasn’t at home at the time I put a message on Twitter asking for photos of the Majorcan coast and then I sent her the thread so that she could see the images,” says Joan.

Majorcans, I need your help. My eldest daughter, who is in Madrid wants photos of the sea. Can you help me to collect some?” he tweeted.

Within hours Joan had received dozens of images from all over the Island.

"I mostly use this Twitter account for professional news about technology, education or travel, and from time to time I tweet something personal, but I didn't think this would have such an impact and Paula is just as surprised,” he says.

Joan says he chose Twitter over Instagram because it’s much more direct.

"I have received answers from acquaintances, friends, journalists and i’ve also had a lot of messages from people who've sent me photos and videos privately.”

Positive news

Joan has drawn two conclusions from his experience.

"The first thing is that people are eager to receive positive news. It’s been a very hard year because of coronavirus and work problems and people need any escape route,” explains Joan. “The second thing I would highlight is that it is confirmed that a lot of people miss Majorca when they leave the Island, which doesn’t just happen to us, it happens to anyone who lives on an island and I've received lots of comments from other parents who send photos to their children and some even send typical local products.”

Joan says he's hopeful that Majorca will gradually return to normal.

"Coronavirus is still out there and when everything gets back to normal I believe that as individuals we will incorporate habits such as having clean hands or wearing a mask in certain environments."

More than 50 photos of idyllic places in Majorca have appeared on Twitter in reply to Joan's request, which include shots of the beaches of Colònia de Sant Jordi, Playa de Palma, Alcudia, Pollensa, Banyalbufar, Soller.

Here's some of them.