ITV Station, Palma. | P. Pellicer

There are no more appointments for Technical Inspection of Vehicles, or ITVs available in Majorca until the end of January, according to Consell de Mallorca Spokesperson, Llorenç Galmés who vented his fury at Island President, Catalina Cladera calling it “a real problem for individuals and professionals.”

Galmés highlighted the President's promise that the saturation situation would be resolved by January and complained that "the Pacte will start the new year with a waiting list for the ITV."

"We do not understand why they haven't opened the four mobile stations which would reduce the current chaos," he said, adding that “more than a year after President Catalina Cladera took office the ITV is still in a mess.”

“The Government pact cannot continue to excuse itself in eternal feasibility studies, because the start-up of at least four mobile stations is urgent and essential to reduce the waiting list,” said Councillor Mauricio Rovira.

Galmés also highlighted "the importance of speeding up the construction and opening of the ITV station in Calvia, which will also help to ease the waiting list."

According to the conditions of the new concession, which came into force in January, drivers should not have to wait more than 13 days for vehicle inspections, “which is something that both the Minister Sevillano and President Cladera continue to allow the company to do without any type of penalty,” he said and claimed that customers are being forced to wait at least 3 hours for inspections at ITV stations.