The positive test rate continues to be below five per cent.

The health ministry's Thursday report indicates 119 new positive cases and three deaths. The total number of fatalities is now 320.

The positive test rate has risen from the 3.63% on Wednesday to 4.59%, but is still therefore below the WHO five per cent target. The 119 cases were based on 2,594 tests.

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Eighty-four of these cases are in Majorca, 34 in Ibiza and one in Minorca. There are 23 fewer patients on hospital wards in Majorca (down to 146). In Ibiza there are 36 patients and three in Minorca. In intensive care units in Majorca, there is - as was the case on Wednesday - one more patient, making a total of 42. Ibiza has just one patient in ICU and Minorca none.

Twenty-four more people have left hospital and 229 who were being monitored at home have recovered. The number of people being attended to overall by the health service for various reasons has again fallen - to 3,073 from 3,202 on Wednesday.

Latest figures at a municipal level show a slight increase in the number of active cases in Palma - up four to 1,115 - and a further rise of twelve in the number of cases in Inca, a total of 123. Inca has the second highest number.