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The declaration of a State of Emergency in Madrid on Friday has had a negative impact on hotel reservations in Palma and on flights between Barajas and Son Sant Joan for next week.

“We have not yet carried out a follow-up, but it is true that in the next fortnight people from Madrid who wanted to spend a few days, or a weekend in Majorca will cancel their reservations. For a Sector like ours this is a very delicate moment due to the crisis of the pandemic ” said Javier Vich, President of the Hotel Association of Palma and Cala Mayor.

Air Europa, Iberia Express and Ryanair have already announced that they’re considering reducing their schedules for flights between Madrid and Palma.

“We will see how events evolve in the coming days, but it is clear that the occupancy of the flights will decrease and drastic decisions will have to be taken. There will be flight cancellations, so the current schedule will also be reduced and that will affect Palma, Ibiza and Minorca,” said a representative for the airlines.

Up until Friday the average occupancy level on flights between Palma and Madrid was 65%.

“Connectivity will not be lost with Madrid, but it is true that we will have to reschedule flights and regroup passengers to have optimal occupancy in planes that are operational. The State of Emergency in Madrid has aggravated a situation that was already very complicated,” said a representative for the airlines.

Occupancy at hotels that are still open in Palma is expected to be 15-20% this weekend, according to the Palma and Cala Mayor Hotel Association and the Balearic Hotel Chains Association.

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Between Friday October 9 and Monday, October 12, 871 planes will land or take off from Palma airport.