Migrants arriving in Ibiza. | Policía Nacional, Ibiza

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez travelled to Algeria on Thursday and the Government is hoping that his visit will help curb the continuous flow of pateras to the Balearic Islands and the east coast of Spain.

Government Delegate, Aina Calvo pointed out that a record 783 immigrants have arrived in the Balearic Islands this year. On Friday morning a patera with 16 people onboard was intercepted near Cabrera.

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"There is no clear and direct causality, but the truth is that there is a continuous flow of migrants and we cannot say that it will stop today or tomorrow," said Calvo, who stressed that “The Prime Minister’s visit to Algeria was important and strategic and it's hoped that the Algerian Authorities will support efforts to curb irregular immigration."

Nine pateras with 115 migrants onboard were intercepted in Balearic waters over the last 3 days and Calvo said it has been difficult to find accommodation for them all at Detention Centres, which have now reopened because there's only a limited number of places available.

A group of around 20 migrants who arrived on Tuesday have been transferred to the Peninsula and will be looked after by non-Governmental organisations because there is no space for them in the CIEs.