Francina Armengol, president of the Balearics

Despite criticism of the handling of the pandemic, President Armengol continues to get better approval ratings than other political leaders.

11-10-2020Govern de les Illes Balears

The latest opinion poll of political performance by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies was conducted over the first week of this month against the background of eased and continuing restrictions in different parts of Palma and the differences between the Spanish and Madrid regional governments over tackling the spread of the virus.

On the management of the pandemic, the Sánchez administration received 27.2% approval and 57.7% rejection. For the Armengol government in the Balearics, the rejection was less - 49.4% - and the approval 31.9%. President Armengol was given a 3.9 rating out of ten for her personal handling of the pandemic and Pedro Sánchez 3.2.

On tourism, sixty per cent felt that the Balearic government had not managed the tourism season adequately, with 25.9% saying that it had. Almost three-quarters of those surveyed (73.2%) believed that ERTE should continue until the economy improves. Just over half (52.9%) felt that protocols for the start of the school year were inadequate, with 32.4% supportive.

Despite the negative opinion regarding the management of the pandemic, tourism and the school year, Armengol achieved the highest overall approval rating among political leaders. With 4.9 out of ten, she was the only one above four. The lowest rating, 2.3, was for Jorge Campos of Vox.

The regional government did receive backing for the partial lockdowns - 55.2% in favour, 33.4% against. There was also a majority willingness to accept a general lockdown like that which existed during the state of alarm: 62.2% willing and 34.3% unwilling. There was a majority view, 57.4%, that the second wave was caused by the actions of the public and not by political decisions.

If a vaccine comes along, 38.4% said that they would have it, while 23.5% stated that it would depend on the country where it had been developed and 20.1% said that they wouldn't have it.


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Roger / Hace about 1 year

Other than giving the media something to fill its pages, and justifying the salaries of those employed to do such work, these type of surveys serve no useful purpose at this moment in time. There will be plenty of time in the future to have various inquiries in who or what was right and who or what was wrong. The Institute would be far better conducting surveys on what society has learnt from the pandemic, the ways in which society wants to see change in the future, the way in which society wants to cooperate with government in the future to make a better society (and economy) for all...that may be worth reading, and it may provide government (who are currently apathetic and devoid of initiatives on the future) with some ideas on how its residents and visitors want to see the Balearic Islands evolve and develop.