The health ministry reports the death of two more care home residents. | Miquel À. Cañellas

Ninety-eight new positive cases in the Balearics on Sunday, the health ministry's report stating that these came from 1,970 tests. The positive test rate of 4.98% is therefore only just below the key five per cent mark. Two more residents of care homes have died.

Over the past 24 hours, five patients have left hospital and 140 other people have recovered. The total number of recoveries is currently given as 12,278, although this figure is subject to health ministry website updating, as is the total number of all positive cases since the start of the pandemic - 14,973.

In the hospitals, a total of 170 patients are on wards and there has been an increase of two - to 41 - in the number of patients in intensive care.

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At municipality level, there is a further slight edging-upwards in the number of active cases in Palma; this is given as 1,136. In Inca, the figure is currently 125. The municipality with the second highest number of active cases in the Balearics as a whole is Ibiza with 208.