There are currently 41 patients in intensive care units in the Balearics. | Teresa Ayuga

The Wednesday health ministry report shows that the positive test rate has again gone down below the five per cent mark. With 104 new cases and 2,215 tests having been carried out, the rate is 4.7%.

The total number of people being attended to by the health service is steadily coming down. The Wednesday figure is 2,733. On Tuesday it was 2,835. Last Wednesday it was 3,202.

Seventeen more people have left hospital and a further 165 people have recovered. In Mallorca's hospital wards, the number of patients has dropped by 15 to 148. There are two more patients in Ibiza (30 in all) and five in Minorca, one more. The number of patients in ICU in Mallorca has come down by one to 37. In Ibiza and Minorca, the numbers are unchanged - two in both cases.

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The number of fatalities has been updated. There have been 328, five more than the figure given on Tuesday.