Uncertainty is a factor affecting airline bookings. | Efe

The ALA airlines association in Spain has announced that reservations over the Christmas period are currently down eighty per cent. The head of the association, Javier Gándara of easyJet, says that airlines are experiencing a decrease because of traveller uncertainty and lack of confidence as a result of the Covid crisis.

Mobility restrictions are obviously a key factor that is holding back the sale of tickets. The ALA notes that the changing situation means that airlines are being forced to alter their schedules or cancel flights because of low demand. Reservations are now being made a few days before travelling, and "this represents a logistical problem for airlines".

In Mallorca, the president of the Pimem small to medium-sized businesses federation, Jordi Mora, confirms the pessimism of airlines and the tourism sector. "It is something we have seen in recent weeks. The widespread uncertainty which exists is not the best way to reassure foreign markets and consumers."

Mora adds: "There are no bookings, and this all due to a lack of confidence. Until there is a health solution, the Balearic tourism industry will continue to be affected negatively, mainly because there is no interest in travelling to holiday destinations. It is no longer a question of price, because demand is not being driven by offers. Travelling is a safety issue."

Over this weekend (Friday to Monday), Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport has 725 flights scheduled. Last October, this was the sort of number of flights that were on a single day at the weekend.