Rafael Nadal, who won his thirteenth French Open. | Efe

Person of the week

... was Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic didn't seem to know what had hit him, as Nadal blasted his way to a two-set lead in the French Open final, losing only two games. The Serb managed to rally but still went down in straight sets, Nadal picking up his thirteenth French Open title in the process. King of the clay he is, but a lack of match sharpness prior to the tournament had suggested that Nadal might struggle against Djokovic. Instead, it was the other way round, and amidst all the accolades that came the Mallorcan's way after the match was a top honour from the Spanish state - the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit.

Three cheers ...

Just about, for the plan to offer vouchers to incentivise inter-island tourism travel in the Balearics. The cheers were only just about as the scheme hasn't yet been finalised and it isn't unknown how much the Balearic government intends devoting to it. Moreover, it was all a bit of a catch-up on other regions - Andalusia and Valencia - which had already brought in their respective voucher schemes, while the Balearics, by comparison with those regions, does have the drawback of relatively small population in potentially making the plan a success. Still, it was something.

A big boo ...

For the EU having finally come up with criteria for travel but which, as had previously been the case, were pretty toothless as they were little more than recommendations, as the application of these criteria is voluntary. But at least there were criteria, which had been called for by various governments, including Spain's. So a boo wasn't perhaps entirely in order, except for the fact that European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control criteria continued to make clear that Mallorca was stuck on red in its traffic-light system for travel health risk.