Town hall tenants had to close their premises last September. | Archive

There was a meeting last week between owners of units in the area beneath Palma's Plaça Major and the councillor for citizen participation and internal government, Alberto Jarabo.

The future of this area has been up in the air for more than a year. In September 2019, units operated by tenants had to close. Meanwhile, various ideas have been floated. One of these, an extension to the adjoining underground car park, would appear to have now been definitively dismissed. The town hall has presented another "ideas gathering" project, and last week's meeting was the first since it had done so. Jarabo indicated that there was "harmony" between both parties.

"The owners wanted first-hand information, and we have asked for their collaboration for a process in which they have an important role. We (the town hall) have said that if we make an investment effort, then we want to count on them doing so as well. They have seen that the project can benefit them."

The ideas gathering phase has yet to begin. Jarabo added that "we are in the dialogue phase, and the owners will send us their proposals as to what they want to do with their premises". The hope is that these proposals coincide with a town hall notion of local businesses mixed with community uses. The owners, it is understood, are in favour of there still being a supermarket.

As well as redevelopment of this area, Jarabo has suggested that it would be a good time to include rehabilitation of the units on the Costa d'es Teatre steps, which link the area with Plaça Weyler.