These people were queuing for the Associació Tardor soup kitchen in Palma. | Miquel À. Cañellas

According to information from the government delegation in the Balearics, 1,270 applicants for the minimum living income have received payment out of a total of 24,400 - just over five per cent, therefore.

This payment, which falls under the national ministry of inclusion, social security and migration, was launched four months ago. Since the launch, there have been administrative issues surrounding the verification of claims. These have caused delays with payments.

The government delegation explains that there were 26,300 applications, of which 1,900 were either duplicates or not filled in. Of the 24,400, 5,700 have been turned down because applicants' income levels exceeded the threshold. Almost 7,000 are said to have been sorted out, while others require corrections. The aid actually paid in October amounts to 1.5 million euros.

The minister, José Luis Escrivá, has promised to re-evaluate the system of aid at the start of next year. The government delegate, Aina Calvo, has said that the income "makes Spain a more just and supportive country". The scheme is largely based on the social income scheme that was introduced in the Balearics by the current government. Since the start of the pandemic, the regional government has paid this aid to over 12,000 beneficiaries.