One hundred and five pupils have tested positive in Mallorca.

Over the past week, 116 pupils have tested positive for coronavirus - 105 in Mallorca, eight in Ibiza and three in Minorca. Eighteen more groups have been quarantined, taking the total to 32 (twenty in Mallorca, seven in Ibiza and five in Minorca). In all, 186 pupils are isolating - 151 in Mallorca, thirty in Ibiza and five in Minorca.

For the week up to last Friday, twelve teachers tested positive - seven in Mallorca and five in Ibiza. Sixteen teachers are currently isolating, nine of them in Mallorca and seven in Ibiza.

Government spokesperson Pilar Costa said on Monday that 78% of contact studies have proved negative. This is a "high percentage" but is five per cent lower than the previous week.

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At 26 schools, 251 pupils and fourteen teachers were screened. This resulted in one positive case among pupils and 61 negative cases; the results of the rest are pending. Two pupils are currently in hospital (Son Espases).