The "confusing" speed sign. | PP Palma

The Partido Popular in Palma are demanding the immediate removal of a 30 kilometre per hour speed sign by the Palacio de Congresos. The party believes that the siting of this sign is "reckless", will cause confusion and could lead to traffic jams.

Councillor Lydia Pérez says that the sign, which is in front of the Palacio, is on road that is the responsibility of the Council of Majorca. It should be moved to a more suitable place, where traffic is now regulated according to the 30kph limit which applies to 90% of Palma's roads.

She adds that the town hall administration failed to pay attention to the PP, when they warned a month ago of the confusion that was being generated because of an announcement of the speed limit in the Official Bulletin. This confusion was such that the councillor for mobility, Francesc Dalmau, had to make clear at a plenary session of the town hall that the new speed limits would not be coming into force until mid-October.

The PP argue that the administration had in fact foreseen the limits coming into force earlier and hadn't informed the public, transport operators, taxi drivers or bus drivers. In addition, the party is critical of the 30kph limit for 90% of roads having come into effect without the regulation of electric scooters having been incorporated into municipal traffic ordinance. "It doesn't seem to matter to the administration or to be urgent that scooters continue to circulate in the city in an irregular manner."