The doctor was detained by the Guardia Civil. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

A doctor is being investigated for allegedly sexually abusing a patient in Palma.

The 20 year old went to a PAC emergency room in July complaining of vaginal pain hours after having protected sex.

She told Police that she asked the doctor for the morning-after pill and claimed the doctor told her to lie face down, performed a vaginal examination then suggested that she take a urine test.

The woman says that whilst the urine test was being done she told him that her legs had been hurting for days and that the doctor performed a lymphatic drainage massage.

He allegedly asked the girl for her phone number so that he could arrange another appointment for another day, but she claims that after she left the PAC, the doctor started sending her messages such as, "did you like it?" so she reported him to the Guardia Civil.

He was arrested a few days later and charged with one count of sexual abuse and one count of coercion. He was released on bail after giving a statement.

The doctor denies all charges and told the court that the patient never mentioned the morning-after pill and insisted he did not insert his fingers into her vagina.

He also claimed that the only reason he massaged her leg was because the woman asked him to show her what she could do to relieve pain and that she gave him her phone number because she wanted his help to find a job.