Fines pile up on Palma car. | Pere Bota

A car in Carrer de Bunyola in Palma with a faded ‘For Sale’ in the window has 42 ORA fines on the windshield.

The resident badge expired earlier this year and the vehicle has been parked there for months with a mountain of fines waiting for the owner.

The cost of not paying the fine within an allotted time is 60 euros and by Tuesday this little lot had amounted to 2,500 euros.

For sale

According to the sign, Tony is selling the car for 7,000 euros, but there's no mention of whether the price includes outstanding fines!

The sanctions are encased in small plastic bags to stop the rain from erasing the text.

The car just sits in the same space gathering dust and every day the ORA agent on duty in Carrer de Bunyola adds a new fine to the pile.