Biel Company, leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics.

Biel Company of the PP.

22-10-2020PP Balear

On Thursday, the leader of the Partido Popular, Biel Company, called on President Armengol to resign. "We demand the immediate resignation of Sra. Armengol. She has tried to give us all lessons about being examples over the past few years. She must now apply them to herself.

"We are facing a very serious situation. Sra. Armengol cannot remain in office a minute longer. She must apologise, assume the consequences of her actions and, I insist, she must resign."

Company quoted Armengol's own words: "Our immediate destiny as a society depends on the ability of each and every one of us to comply scrupulously with the rules and instructions for safety, prevention, hygiene and protection in order to stop the virus."

The PP leader added that the president has asked professionals at Son Espases to avoid participating in activities that represent a risk of infection. "She also asked teachers to restrict their social life. Nightlife has been closed without dialogue and without consensus. She has imposed harsh restrictions on citizens' daily lives. The other day, she announced that family and social gatherings will be reduced from ten to six people.

"In the meantime, she goes out for drinks. The highest representative of Balearics politics, the person who imposes the restrictions is the same person who skips them. The president was in a bar after two in the morning, which should have been closed by her own rules. It is a gesture of cynicism and hypocrisy so great that it cannot be ignored."


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Rich / Hace about 1 year

with higher income life expectancy rises. Mallorcas economy is being destroyed incomes are being slashed therefore people will have shorter life expectancies. Who is going to be blamed for these deaths?


Roger / Hace about 1 year

Your statements about right over wrong are completely correct...but given that you are all mostly from the same political school, are you really any better???....I doubt it, and meanwhile the residents of the Balearic islands have to suffer the diatrite, indecision, and lack of intellect that you politicians push towards us week in week out. Its about time that one of you made a properly smart decision and decided to take notice of people who really understand economics and society...but probably Santa Claus will arrive first!!