Appointments have been needed in order to report issues with ERTE payments. | Miquel À. Cañellas

Since employment offices reopened following the state of alarm, it has been necessary to book an appointment if there is an issue with ERTE payments. However, because of the level of demand, appointment times are booked quickly, while the telephone system is often overwhelmed.

Because of the problems with appointments, there is to now be a system whereby people can report these issues on forms in the offices. The SEPE state employment service will then have a record of a case and can then proceed with it.

A reason why there have been incidents of non-payment has been changes to ERTE terms and conditions. SEPE is at present working on regularising all benefits in accordance with changes that businesses have been communicating to them. Up to the end of September, there were situations with employees who had been under ERTE and then been taken off ERTE or there were alterations to working-day percentages in cases of partial ERTEs.

Workers whose employment was suspended until the end of September can be expected to be paid in November. SEPE doesn't yet have data on new demands for ERTE for October, the new regulations having come into effect on the first of the month. It is anticipated that the number of affected workers will grow again because tourism activity is virtually zero.