The positive test rate in the Balearics appears to be increasing. | Reuters

Friday's information from the health ministry shows 210 new positive cases and a positive test rate of 8.57% from 2,451 tests. This rate just exceeds the most recent highest rate - 8.37% on October 12, which was based on almost half the number of tests.

Nine more fatalities have been registered, eight of these being retrospective and applying to care home residents. The number of deaths is now 359 with one more pending notification to Madrid.

Slightly better news comes from the hospitals. On wards in Mallorca there are six fewer patients (down to 112), although in Ibiza the number has risen by two to 39. There are three patients in Minorca, the same number as Thursday. Twenty-two hospital patients and 161 others have recovered.

In intensive care units, there are increases of one in Mallorca (to 34) and in Minorca (to four). There are two patients in ICU in Ibiza.

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The R rate in the Balearics is currently 1.05.