Juan Rodríguez. | Click

The Calvia association of businesspeople and workers (Emytra) is to stage a further protest to demand financial aid and plans to reactivate tourism after what has been a catastrophic season.

The protest will be outside the town hall building at 11am this coming Thursday. The president of Emytra, Juan Rodríguez, says that Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, continues in failing to take account of an association which brings together 500 workers from some 150 bars, shops and hotels.

The association stresses that families' financial situations are "tragic"; they are living from the solidarity shown by others. It describes as a "joke" that after successive closures of establishments, the Balearic government authorised the opening of bars when the tourism season had ended. The town hall, meanwhile, did not oppose any of the government's "arbitrary and abusive measures".

With Halloween approaching, Juan Rodríguez is of the view that the mayor "has turned the municipality into a horror movie". He also regrets the fact that President Armengol was in a bar in Palma "after the permitted hours". "Rules are imposed that have led us to ruin and then they do not comply with these restrictions in their private lives."