Police raid in Can Valero. | Ultima Hora

Palma Local Police claim that a coded Menu was used to sell drugs at an illegal drinking party in Can Valero on Saturday night.

Officers became suspicious when they noticed a large number of cars parked on the street and crowds of young people entering and leaving a room on the first floor.

At 02:15 they raided the building which has entrances on Camí de Jesús and Calle Poima and found a blackboard with an alleged coded Menu of the Day:

Whole chicken - 70 euros
Half chicken - 35 euros
We don't have potatoes

Officers say the 30 square metre room had no ventilation and that when they entered the smell of nicotine and drugs was overpowering.

Police found 33 people in the room and said that none of them were wearing masks or respecting social distancing rules, that some were dancing and others were drinking alcohol and smoking and a DJ was playing music at full volume.

Police shut down the music, opened the doors and windows and conducted a search of the premises. They allegedly found wraps of cocaine, hashish and other narcotics on the floor and in the bathrooms.

Social Media

The organisers allegedly advertised the event on social media platforms and sold tickets, alcohol, tobacco and cocaine at the party.

31 attendees were sanctioned and could be fined up to 3,000 euros. The 2 organisers were also sanctioned and could face a penalty of up to 30,000 euros.

Other fines are likely to be added for alleged drug trafficking.