Biel Company in parliament, where tempers were frayed on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey

There were frayed tempers in the Balearic parliament on Tuesday when the minister for the economic model, tourism and employment, Iago Negueruela, faced questions about his management.

The Partido Popular spokesperson, Toni Costa, set the tone by saying that Negueruela was "a bad minister for employment and a non-existent minister for tourism". Negueruela responded by saying that during the financial crisis the PP "destroyed jobs and made working conditions precarious". "Do you know why the PP were kicked out? For mass layoffs in the Balearics."

The minister stressed that he is fighting "tirelessly so that workers and businesses are protected" and described Biel Company as "the worst leader in history".

Negueruela then complained about interruptions coming from the PP benches and requested the intervention of the speaker, Vicenç Thomàs, while telling Company not to insult him by calling him a fool.

Thomàs rebuked PP deputies because of "gestures which should not be made in this chamber". Company then said that it was he who had been insulted and that "what Negueruela is doing is unacceptable in this chamber". Thomàs had to stop Company, as he didn't at that moment have the floor.

The minister insisted that the alleged accusation of being a fool be withdrawn. Company replied by saying that he had not directed any insult at Negueruela and requested that this be minuted. "It is outrageous that a minister twists these words in this way."

The speaker concluded the argument by telling the PP that "certain gestures have been witnessed which are not appropriate". "Do not make me say by whom."