After three years of restoration, the L'Absurd sailboat returned to the water on Monday.

Originally built in 1947, the boat of some ten metres length was transported from the workshop of master shipwright Sebastià Vidal in Vilafranca to Puerto Cocodrilo in Bonaire, Alcudia.

The owners are Neus Vallori and Sebastian Beckers. The boat used to be called Freu, but it was changed to L'Absurd because people told them that their idea to buy and restore the boat made little sense. Neus Vallori wanted to thank all those who had contributed to the work, especially Sebastià Vidal.

Because of sea conditions on Monday, they couldn't take the boat out. When they do, their intention is use the boat for their enjoyment. There is no thought of renting it out. "We would love our first crossing to be from Alcudia to Minorca and to then cover the whole coastline." She didn't wish to say how much the restoration had cost. "If the effort alone had to be calculated, we wouldn't have been able to afford it."