Manacor, Mallorca. | Ultima Hora

Unauthorised celebrations are the main cause of the increase in coronavirus infections in Manacor, according to Mayor Miquel Oliver, who said it’s time people took responsibility for their actions.

“The ban on meetings in leisure places has resulted in people gathering in private homes, which has made it much more difficult for the Local Police to stop them,” he said. “There's no evidence that the increase in cases was caused by non-compliance with measures at schools, cultural or sporting events, which are and will continue to be safe spaces," he added.

Mayor Oliver insists that "all the necessary measures are being taken to prevent the collapse of Manacor Hospital and we hope that there won’t be serious consequences for the local economy.”

But restaurateurs are already worried about the consequences and have made it clear they are deeply unhappy about the Ministry of Health's measures, whereas local residents appear to be resigned to them.

"It's hard to adapt and be locked up at home, but we must be aware that we are not talking about a simple flu, this is a serious matter,” said Maria Vázquez, who stressed that young people must be more responsible.

"During the first State of Emergency, so much was said about coronavirus not affecting young people that they lowered their guard, added Guillem Adrover.