Measures like those in Manacor could be applied elsewhere.

Javier Arranz, the spokesperson for the regional committee for infectious diseases, said on Wednesday that the number of cases of Covid-19 is forecast to continue increasing and that he doesn't rule out there being more restrictions or confinements.

Arranz identified Ibiza and parts of Palma as places where additional measures might apply. Giving Manacor as an example, he indicated that other community actions could be taken in order to lower the curve and reiterated that contacts should be avoided as much as possible. "If you can avoid going out to dinner, so much the better."

A general confinement was being ruled out at present, but "the data will lead the way" and will depend on how the pandemic evolves in the lead-up to Christmas. There are experts, Arranz noted, who are advocating a harsh confinement before the Christmas holidays so that they can be enjoyed. However, he didn't believe that the situation should be considered in these terms.

Arranz said that "if some people had thought that prevention measures could be set aside, they were either wrong or we have been unable to get the message across". The fourteen-day cumulative incidence is currently 205 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 121 over seven days. "We are on an ascending line of cases; a slow rise." However, he warned that the incidence level could be as high as 500 in three to four weeks time.

He noted that the positive test rate for the past seven days is 6.84%. The European Union recommends that it doesn't rise above four per cent. In Mallorca, it is 6.76%, in Minorca 4.13%, Formentera 6.26%, but in Ibiza it is 13.13%. In some parts of Ibiza the number of positive cases has doubled. "The situation in Ibiza is not good", especially in the town of Ibiza, Sant Antoni and Santa Eularia.

Asked if the Balearics will request the state of alarm after November 9, Arranz said that this will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. He pointed out that the state of alarm facilitates certain measures, such as the closing of ports and airports. At the moment, though, this is not a measure which is on the table.