Palma, Mallorca. | Pere Bota

Palma City Council is hiring a company to get clean, restore and maintain what’s left of the city wall and get rid of the weeds and graffiti.

A budget of 832,425 euros has been set aside for the work which will be put out to tender on a 4 year contract which can be extended for an extra 12 months.

“The Consistory usually receives complaints regarding the need to improve the maintenance of heritage elements, particularly with reference to weeds and graffiti, said Government Spokesperson, Alberto Jarabo. "The cleaning of these areas requires the study of each element and the use of very specific products.”

The cleaning of graffiti is the responsibility of an Emaya emergency brigade, but only for non-heritage elements, although in specific cases the brigade has been instructed by the Center Històric Commission.

Graffiti on these heritage elements has increased so it was necessary to issue a much broader contract and make a significant investment to remove the graffiti,” said Jarabo.