Intensive care bed occupancy is currently 42%. | Miquel À. Cañellas

According to Thursday's figures from the Balearic health service, 52 of the 130 patients in intensive care units are suffering from coronavirus - 37%, therefore.

The ratios of patients with or without coronavirus vary from hospital to hospital. At Son Espases there are 75 ICU beds. Nineteen are currently for coronavirus patients and 21 for patients with other critical conditions. At Son Llàtzer, with 41 beds, nine patients have coronavirus and eight do not. Manacor Hospital has seventeen beds. Four of these are currently for coronavirus patients, and another four for other patients. Inca Hospital (ten beds) has no coronavirus patients, but three with other conditions.

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On the other islands, Can Misses in Ibiza has 44 beds - seven patients with coronavirus and seven without. Mateu Orfila in Minorca has 21 beds. There are five patients in ICU, all of them with coronavirus.

In the private health care sector, there are 94 ICU beds and 43 patients currently occupying them, eight with coronavirus.

The IB-Salut public health hospitals have 42% ICU bed occupancy at the moment. The deputy director for hospitals, Francesc Albertí, says that the situation with ICU beds is currently good, although there is an upward trend. "It will be important to see how the trend develops over the next two weeks." For now, there is no intention to start facilitating ICU beds at the Palacio de Congresos in Palma.