Changes planned for departments but not for ministers. (Archive image.) | Jaume Morey

President Armengol is preparing a restructuring of the government but is not contemplating a ministerial reshuffle. The changes will be to the directorates, the second tier of government, and will take account of the situation brought about by the pandemic.

An intention is, therefore, to give a stronger role to departments that will be key in the economic reconstruction of the Balearics and which will be managing European funds for projects that have been presented by the Balearic government. An example of these projects is the proposed tram to Son Espases Hospital from the centre of Palma.

A further aim is the modernisation of government through the digitalisation of the administration. This will speed up procedures for financial aid and improve those related to health care.

The finance minister, Rosario Sánchez, says that the government will have a specific and specialist team for managing European funds for Covid-19 recovery. Its procedures will be the "most flexible possible", and its position within the government structure is likely to be reporting directly to the president. A problem at present is that responsibilities for innovation, key in this regard, are distributed across four ministries.

The changes will not affect ministers, and it is said that there is "no crisis" within the government. Nevertheless, Armengol was looking at the possibility of reducing the number of ministers in the summer. This, however, would have meant difficult negotiations between the three parties of the pact government - PSOE, Més and Podemos.

Armengol is said to not be considering a reduction for now, but the restructuring may well be wider in a few months in order to give further impetus to the phase of economic reconstruction.