New electric scooter rules. | Pere Bota

New rules for Personal Mobility Vehicles and electric scooters have been published on Palma Police social networks.

Scooter riders are not allowed to travel at speeds over 30 kilometres an hour and are banned from pavements, squares, parks, gardens and all other public spaces intended exclusively for pedestrians.

VPMs and electric scooters can be used on bike lanes and on almost all one-way 
roads in Palma.

On some roads scooters can only be used if there is a bike lane and if not the riders must get off and walk.

Details at:

Riders must be 15 or older, alway be in a standing position and have no more than one person aboard.

Electric scooters in Palma must have a bell, lights, a braking system and approved reflective elements.

Helmets and reflective vests are recommended and all electric scooter and VPM riders must comply with general traffic regulations.