Murder scene reconstruction: Palma, Mallorca

Antonio C.C. is in the centre with the dark blue sweater.

04-11-2020Alejandro Sepúlveda

On Wednesday, the National Police homicide squad carried out a reconstruction of events on Tuesday night, when a 32-year-old woman was seemingly murdered by her partner in Secar de la Real, Palma.

Antonio C.C., 35, was initially arrested for a crime of gender violence. This was later changed to murder. At noon on Wednesday, he was taken to the scene on the Cami de Ca Na Verda, where the woman's body had been hidden in undergrowth.

Some twenty people, including the duty judge and members of the police forensic unit, were at the scene. The police have established that the couple had an argument that was provoked by jealousy on the part of Antonio C.C. Having stopped the car, he is said to have dragged her to a wooded area, killed her and covered her body.

Shortly afterwards, he called a family member to say that he had been in a road accident and that his partner had died as a result of this. The call is said to have been confusing and didn't make clear what had happened.


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