Pieles de Mallorca, Palma.

Pieles de Mallorca, Palma.

05-11-2020Jaume Morey

One of the Island’s longest running companies, Pieles de Mallorca has announced that it’s been forced to shut up shop because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Due to the current situation and after many months of fighting, we have decided to end this stage,” said Ian Borrego, Pieles de Mallorca CEO on social media.

There are four Pieles de Mallorca stores on the Island. The one in Porto Pi was closed several days ago and prices have been slashed at all other shops in Palma and Marratxí to liquidate stock.


Pieles de Mallorca was founded in 1985 by Carlos Eduardo Borrego and was famous for its high quality leather products which were made in local factories. In recent years it has become better known for footwear and travel goods.

Over the years the company expanded, opening shops in Andalusia, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia, but recently changed its strategy.

“Pieles de Mallorca was focused on returning to its roots to position itself as one of the leading companies in the Balearics,” said Borrego.

No final date has been set for closure, but Borrego has invited customers to “visit us one last time before the curtain falls." He also thanked people for their loyalty saying, "all these years of joy and good times have been possible thanks to the fact that you have chosen us season after season."

Pieles de Mallorca, Palma.


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