Llenaire dog beach, Puerto Pollensa.

Llenaire dog beach, Puerto Pollensa.

06-11-2020Elena Ballestero

The Llenaire dog beach in Puerto Pollensa is closed until Monday at the earliest, after a dog was poisoned last week because there are suspicions that there may be more poison in the area.

Dog that was poisoned.

Toxicological analysis indicated that the dog ingested a hard-boiled egg which had been injected with a toxic substance.

Witnesses have confirmed that they saw a hard-boiled egg buried amongst Posidonia on the beach.

"The whole area has been tracked and cleared,” said Pollensa’s Police & Environment Councillor, Maria Buades.

Local Police have been searching the area but have found no trace of poison.

The incident has caused alarm amongst residents in the area, especially because it’s not the first time it’s happened. Several animals have been poisoned on the beach that’s been specifically allocated to bathers and their pets.

Veterinarian Marcos Makowski with owners of poisoned dog.

The dog has already been discharged and will make a full recovery,” says Veterinarian Marcos Makowski, who cared for the animal.

Cat shot at Llenaire dog beach.

Cat attack

On Thursday, Veterinarian Marcos Macokski treated a cat that lost an eye and suffered serious injuries as a result of several shootings in the Llenaire area.

The investigation is continuing, but so far the person or persons responsible for attacking the animals has not been identified.


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