Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

08-11-2020Pere Bota

A whopping 80% of state aid for the Balearic Islands in 2021 will be invested in ports and airports.

Airports will get 139 million of the 201 million euro total and 25 million euros has been allocated to ports.

But the record high investment in ports and airports means there’s less money for other departments which will actually get less aid from the Ministries than Ceuta and Melilla.


Més claims that focussing state investment on airports is a clear sign that the Government only takes care of the infrastructure in the Islands that it benefits from, such as Son Sant Joan Airport, which is one of the most profitable Airports in Spain.

"The state only invests in the infrastructure that allows it to exploit resources in the Balearic Islands, nothing more," says Joan Ferrà, Més Deputy Spokesperson. "Not only are we last in the queue for investments in the General State Budgets, but the few that we do receive are mostly for the benefit of Aena and the Port Authority.”

Ferrà added that “it’s especially serious and alarming" that so little is invested in works and infrastructure to expand Palma Airport claiming Parliament had already approved two proposals opposing the expansion of facilities.

Direct Investment of 201 million euros coupled with 133 million euros of European funds takes the total investment for next year to 234 million euros.

Below Average

Through these two funds, citizens of the Balearic Islands will receive 291.12 euros per capita, which is well below the national average of 348.26 euros.

Only four Municipalities are worse off than the Balearic Islands; Navarre, Madrid, the Canary Islands and La Rioja.


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Roger / Hace about 1 year

This is a cynical promotion / support by central government. They derive the ultimate benefits from the success of the airport and the main port...the Balearic Islands get nothing. For the future success of the tourism and associated economies here, the Balearics need to ensure they get a much better share of airport / port revenues, or, better still, take over management and control completely...but sadly based on the lack of intellect and ideas on the part of the existing government (to date) this is highly unlikely to happen.