Biniaraix, Mallorca. | C. Viera


With very little leisure activities available because of the coronavirus pandemic even more people than usual are heading for the hills at the weekends and on holidays, which means the Municipalities of the Serra de Tramuntana are chock-a-block, especially around Biniaraix and Alaró.

The situation has become intolerable for local residents because the roads leading to the village are constantly filled with parked cars, regardless of whether there’s a yellow line or not.

Antoni Bestard, who’s estate is on Cami de Cas Patró Lau on the outskirts of Biniraix, spent much of Sunday morning directing traffic outside his front door as cars leaving and entering the village at the same time caused chaos in the narrow streets.

"People use GPS to get to Biniaraix, then discover that it has taken them to a private road,” said Bestard who allowed some vehicles to use the private road in a bid to clear the street.

Sóller City Council’s Governance Councillor, Carlos Darder said he’s planning to contact Google to tell them about the problems with GPS and intends to team up with Fornalutx to coordinate a joint action.

Fines in Alaró

The road to Castell d’Alaró was closed at 11.30 on Sunday because the car parks were full and people were driving back and forward trying to find a space, which caused a massive traffic jam.

There’s only one Police Officer on duty in Alaró who was kept busy issuing fines for poorly parked cars on the route.

Mayor Llorenç Perelló has said he plans to hire a private security company for Spain’s Dia de la Constitución public holiday on December 6 to make sure drivers don't park illegally.