Cruise ship in Palma, Mallorca

There have been no cruise ships in Palma since the ban was introduced in March.

09-11-2020Gabriel Alomar

The president of the Pimem small to medium-sized businesses federation, Jordi Mora, insisted on Monday that "we cannot consider cruise ships with the prejudices of the past". Also the spokesperson for the 'Sí als Creuers' (Yes to Cruise Ships) lobby group, Mora noted that many other types of tourism have been affected this year and that "we must support cruise tourism, as it will provide a boost to the complementary offer (bars, restaurants, shops, etc.)".

"This winter is going to be very tough," he stressed. "In the Canary Islands they have been smart and have presented very strict protocols which have been approved by the national ministry of health. The Balearics must do the same. Stop uttering fine words and take a decisive step in presenting a clear and safe protocol.

"It's not a matter of competing against each other but of moving tourism in a safe fashion. All tourism that can come to the Balearics safely must be promoted in order to reactivate the islands' economy. Turnover in the restaurant sector has fallen seventy per cent, taxi drivers by 80%, a similar percentage to catering companies and to retail."


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Lisa / Hace 11 months

Cruise ships need to be restricted. Totally agree with the last comment. The port ‘fee’ goes to mainland Spain. Tourist eat onboard as it’s free. All the data shows the Palma spend is minimal, while the environment and crowding issues are huge. Many are suggesting the cruise ships discourage income generation in Palma - as the floods of people from the ships discourage other, more profitable tourism. Time to be brave Mallorca - a new model of tourism is well overdue.


Mr B / Hace 11 months

Last year it was all about hating tourists and taxing them off the Island. This year you can't get enough of them. Get real, the Balaerics are virtually wholly dependent on tourists money as you are discovering.


Cyril / Hace 11 months

Ofcourse they would say that. It is like asking a NRA member if he liked guns. Cruise ships are a menace and environmental nightmares. They should be allowed like 2 at a time. Not 5 or 6, which used to happen.