Electric scooters in Palma.

Electric scooters in Palma. archive photo.

10-11-2020Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

It’s emerged that the speed limit of electric scooters set by factories can easily be increased from 25 to 60 kilometres an hour and there are workshops, videos and tutorials on the internet showing people how to hack some models.

Pedestrians have long complained about the “excessive speed of electric scooters” which have caused a number of accidents in Palma. Now a 30 kilometre speed limit has been introduced in Palma and the new Municipal Decree requires Personal Mobility Vehicle, or VMP riders to wear a reflective vest and a helmet.

But critics say the regulations for VMPs, electric scooters, segways and skateboards should be tightened even further.

"We ask that there be no room for subjectivity in letting each person decide if he or she can ride in pedestrian spaces and on pavements between 08:00 and 10:00,” said Alejandra Aroy, President of Vianants en Lluita.

Point 6 of the Degree regulations states that VMPs can circulate on pavements as long as they don’t exceed 10 kilometres an hour but Vianants warns that "letting electric scooter riders decide whether they can drive on the sidewalk or pedestrian areas will put most vulnerable people in danger."

Public spaces

“Pedestrians must be protected as much as possible in cities, pavements are for pedestrians,” insists the Biciutat Association. “No more bike lanes should be built or take up what little public space is left, nor should any type of vehicle be allowed on pavements at any time."

As for whether cyclists and VMP riders should be allowed to use plazas and pedestrian lanes, the Biciutat Association says “perhaps the timetable should be further restricted or even avoided altogether.”


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