Parliament, Palma.

Parliament, Palma.

10-11-2020Ultima Hora

The plenary session of Parliament was delayed for half an hour after on Tuesday because the PP Deputy of Menorca, Lluis Camps tested positive for coronavirus, forcing the Parliamentary Board had to find another way to proceed.

Three other PP Deputies of Menorca; Juan Manuel Lafuente, Salome Cabrera and Sion Fullana have been quarantined and will not be able to attend the plenary session because they were in close contact with Deputy Camps.

The President of the Parliament, Vicenç Thomás explained that the Parliamentary Spokespersons will now have to reach agreement on items on the agenda that require a vote, because the four PP Deputies of Menorca will not be able to do so.

President Thomàs also pointed out that Parliament does not have a telematic voting system, but that the quarantined deputies will be able to follow the session via social networks.


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