Álex Jara, Punta Ballena Takeaway owner, Magalluf. | Ultima Hora


The Alex Corner takeaway restaurant in Carrer Punta Ballena in Magaluf has been slapped with a 36,000 euro fine for opening on July 21.

The Government shut down more than 40 businesses in Magalluf’s notorious party strip on July 15, after a video was uploaded to social media networks showing drunken tourists jumping on cars, blatantly ignoring social distancing rules and not wearing face masks. Two more were shut down later and two streets were also closed in Playa de Palma because of bad behaviour by tourists.

Álex Jara claims he acted in good faith and that he had the approval of the Calvia Department of Commerce, his lawyer and a Police Officer, all of whom allegedly told him that as long as he wasn’t selling alcohol he wasn’t violating the Government’s decree. But Calvia Local Police say they’re not aware of any communication with Jara.

Álex says the fine took him totally by surprise because he had completely forgotten about what he described as "a misunderstanding."

"The sanction is a savage,” blasted Jara who insisted that he only opened his takeaway so that some of his employees could work and questioned why Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, “didn't intervene in the processing of the complaint or take care of his people."