Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

12-11-2020Ultima Hora

There’s been a collective call from Employers and the Tourism Sector for PCR tests to be carried out on people arriving in the Balearic Islands from the Peninsula.

CAEB, PIMEM, FEHM, ACH, Restauración, Federación de Transporte, Aviba and the PP are demanding that controls be set up for domestic visitors at all ports and airports.

"The Balearic Islands are a safe destination and it is essential that people who arrive at our ports and airports, both from national and international locations prove that they are not infected through negative tests if they are coming from any high-risk area,” said CAEB President, Carmen Planas. “The objective is to generate the trust required by the entire tourist value chain and our economy."

“Due to the fact that they are islands, protocols can and must be applied at national level and carried out at source,” said PIMEM President, Jordi Mora. “Being an archipelago is an advantage in terms of control and we must use that to manage the security of all visitors and residents.”

He also said the international PCR is a good idea because “we have to adapt to a new business reality that has a positive impact on our competitiveness as a destination."

Tourism Sector

FEHM President Maria Frontera supported CEHAT President, Jorge Marichal’s message saying, “the sanitary controls that are carried out on foreign and domestic visitors must be diagnostic tests not just PCR tests.

Marichal has also called for “fast, economical tests to facilitate access for all travellers and ensure mobility."

"PCRs must be demanded for those who arrive from the Peninsula and all residents who travel between all Autonomous Communities and the Balearics,” insisted Aviba President Francesc Mulet.

PCRs must be done in the place of origin on the Peninsula so that we have greater health control within the Spanish market," said Rafael Roig, President of the Balearic Business Federation of Transport, or FEBT. "Here in the Balearics we are proposing that random tests be carried out amongst residents to eradicate contagion and be sure that we are a safe destination,”

"It is absurd to focus only on International tourism with PCR controls when infection levels are higher in the Autonomous Communities,” according to Aviba, FEBT and Health Experts.

CAEB and PIMEM supported the measure saying, "it guarantees that people who arrive in the Islands are not infected and are coming to a safe destination."

“We are going to ask the Government to carry out tests on people arriving and departing from ports and airports in the Balearic Islands because this will show that they have come in clean and are leaving clean,” said CAEB President Alfonso Robledo. “We have to close the circle of contagion to show Europe that Mallorca and the rest of the islands are a safe tourist destination and guarantee the next season."

The PP President in the Balearic Islands, Biel Company also demanded that the Balearic Government and the Central Government extend the requirement for PCR tests to visitors from other Autonomous Communities.

“We have to implement controls for people coming to the Balearics from the Peninsula, especially with the Christmas holidays approaching because students and relatives will be returning from different parts of the country," he said.


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Kes / Hace 12 months

I just do not understand why the Balearics have not developed similar rules on the lines of Isle of Man and Channel Is for their nationals, IoM is for all intents and purposes COVID free!


Yogi / Hace 12 months

Some reality needed. “Fast and economical” that would be nice. But it’s neither of those in the UK, not or they readily available. (It would be interesting to know what the situation is in Germany regarding this.) As a consequence precious few Brits will be coming over here this festive season and many won’t be booking spring or summer holidays until there’s far more certainty.