Passengers arriving at Palma Airport.

Passengers arriving at Palma Airport. archive photo.


The Government wants to monitor people coming to the Balearic Islands over the Constitution Day weekend to make sure they're not infected with Covid-19 and prevent the virus from spreading, according to Dr Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Regional Committee of Infectious Diseases.

Dr Arranz says there are several proposals on the table and one of them is to use QR codes for travellers arriving in the Islands, many of whom are students from other Autonomous Communities returning home for the holidays.

The Government Adviser for Decontamination, Margalida Frontera pointed out that QR Code technology has already been applied in restaurants to replace menus and said that there are plans to use codes to store health information.

The other option would be to perform a test to find out if visitors are coronavirus-free, but Frontera said no decision has been made yet.

The Health Department wants to avoid a repeat of what happened in October when infected people came to the Islands from the Peninsula, which led to a worsening of the epidemiological situation in the Islands.

Dr Arranz also stressed that International tourists must prove they’ve had a negative coronavirus PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in the Balearic Islands and domestic travellers from high-risk areas will be asked to do the same.


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Lisa / Hace 11 months

In a word - no.

The policy has changed so that international travellers from high risk covid areas have to present a negative test at the airport. Based on the medical evidence behind this decision - this must now be extended to include travellers from the peninsula.

It is the only logical way.

Next step is to look at airport testing and agreements with ‘safe corridor’ airports. That’s if Mallorca wants a tourist season in 2021.

It’s no good saying in the spring - it’s okay to travel now. That will be too late.