SOIB, Palma.

SOIB, Palma.

13-11-2020M. À. Cañellas

Around 13,000 people in the Balearic Islands who exhausted all their benefits during the State of Emergency and still haven’t found a job are eligible for 430 euros a month in Government aid.

Most of the people who qualify are temporary workers who are usually contracted to work the summer season and receive unemployment benefits in winter.

Union Representatives warned at the beginning of the pandemic that temporary workers would be the hardest hit by the crisis.

The coronavirus crisis has led to a massive increase in unemployment in the Balearic Islands, forced companies to furlough permanent employees and left temporary workers without a job.

To qualify for the new 430 euro monthly subsidy applicants must be registered as job seekers and they will receive a letter informing them that they're entitled to the money.

To receive the subsidy, applicants can either fill in a form on the State Public Employment Service website before November 30, or make an appointment at the SEPE offices to apply in person before the end of this month.

In October 81,713 people were out of work in the Balearic Islands, 31,132 were in ERTE and more than 40,000 discontinuous permanent workers received extraordinary benefits.

Around 85,000 of the 168,446 registered job seekers in the Balearic Islands received some form of unemployment assistance, but that doesn’t include self-employed workers with protection or people who receive another type of aid.

The Labour & Social Economy Minister, Yolanda Díaz was the driving force behind the new subsidy which has been welcomed by Tourism & Labour Minister, Iago Negueruela.

The aid is limited to the 13,000 people who exhausted their benefits between March 14 and June 30 and don’t receive a minimum income, inclusion income, social wage or similar aid granted by any Public Administration.

Once the right to the subsidy has been confirmed, it will be paid from the next day for a period of three months.


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