Employee of a new corona quick test center at Franz-Josef-Strauss airport puts a solution with a smear from a passenger to be tested for COVID-19 onto a test device in Munich, Germany. | ANDREAS GEBERT

Bulletin readers welcomed the announcement that the British government could ease travel restrictions but the hefty costs of the PCR tests, which would be needed to travel to Majorca, have rather dented their travel plans. These are some of the views of our online readers.

"I own two rental properties on Mallorca and already my bookings are being cancelled as people are saying that they are not paying another 400 pounds on top of what they have already paid for their holiday. If it goes ahead there will be no recovery in tourists if this goes ahead…"

"I have flights booked for a visit in December. They cost me 50 euros return for my wife and I and no way on this planet will I be paying £200 plus for tests. You either want tourists or you don’t, it’s your loss."

"It's crazy. There has to be a better way. A family of four would have to pay £600 on top of there holiday accommodation flights and spending money for PCR tests. Also the chance that someone in the family might test positive showing knowm symptoms like 72% of people. 48 hours before your due to fly ruining all your holiday plans and wasting alot of money. I think I'll stay at home."

"Very simply all this talk about restrictions etc is sorry but basically hot air people need to have clear guidelines and these guidelines cannot change on the Wim of any politician who is having a bad day and needs to show what he is made of , until this happens people will continue to avoid travelling to places like Mallorca or Spain as no one likes to have surprises which cost quite a lot of extra cost as well as spending time in quarantine or worse "

"Travelers from UK will not spend £150 to get a negative test before arrival in Spain.So don't get your tourisms…".

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