Bunyola, Mallorca.

Bunyola, Mallorca. recent photo.

14-11-2020Ultima Hora

Traffic controls are being stepped up in the Serra de Tramuntana to avoid saturation at the weekends. Officers will monitor the worst affected areas and report drivers who park in prohibited areas or places marked with a yellow line.

The lack of available family leisure activities in the past few months has prompted hordes of hikers to head to the Serra de Tramuntana at the weekends and many of them have been parking in the lanes and ditches close to hiking routes, completely blocking an entire lane, causing traffic jams and making it impossible for drivers to get past.

In recent weeks, the situation has become much worse, especially on the MA2100 between Bunyola and Orient where reckless parking in the area known as the Salt des Freu has caused utter chaos.

The Provincial Traffic Office in the Balearic Islands has called on drivers to be more responsible, stressing that it is "strictly forbidden" to park on the road or in areas where traffic could be blocked.

"Improper parking makes it difficult for emergency services to pass through and obstructing traffic can be very serious,” they said. "When parking is banned on a certain part of the road it’s done for a good reason.”


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