Parcel scam reactivated.

Parcel scam reactivated. archive photo.


Scammers claiming to be from the Post Office have started up again, according to the Internet User Security Office, or OSI.

How it Works

An email is received claiming that a package has arrived at the Post Office and a fee of 2.99 euros is owed for shipping costs. Customers are then asked to click on a link and pay the fee via their bank, but it’s all a scam.

OSI is advising anyone who’s been conned into giving away their personal details to contact their bank as soon as possible.

“If you receive a similar email, don’t give out your information and if in doubt contact your service provider directly to ensure the veracity of the information in the email,” said OSI.

“The @Correos impersonators are back," tweets OSI, "you don't have a package and you don't have to pay anything, they want your data. If you receive this email, delete it immediately."

There’s more information about phishing and other types of electronic scams in Hugo Hoffman’s book, ‘Cybersecurity Bible’.


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